Hair-do Cue

Eccentric as ever, one of my daily quirks since the start of the pandemic is to have a daily check in with my hair! I know it sounds a bit out there, but I find that if I wear my hair in the way it most wants then my whole day kicks off on a good note! Since listening to my hair’s desires I have grown quite an unruly mane and I feel freer than ever!


My hair has a mind of its own

It likes to rule the roost

For months it’s asked me to be grown

It likes the volume boost

Some day it’s wild, and up it’s piled

upon my happy head

Some days it hears my inner child

and calls for plaits instead

Each day I ask it what it needs

It loves to have attention

Last week the straight look took the lead

Today’s it’s curled convention!

It has a myriad of tones

It loves to be unloosed

My hair has a mind of its own

It likes to rule the roost

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