Letting it Brew

One weekend, after a hearty jog, I sat down on a bench and began reflecting on the creative process. I began remembering the countless times that I had got excited about an idea, jumped into it quickly and then realised that I had somehow rushed the process and missed some steps. Out of the blue the image of a teabag came to me and I started making all sorts of associations around letting ideas have their brewing time and, of course, wrote a poem!

I really enjoy being a spontaneous and instinctive person so most of the time my urges pay off and yet I do a acknowledge that it’s good to let things brew from time to time.

Trusty Brew

Go dunk your teabag in the cup

Allow it to infuse

The process isn’t based on luck

Ideas need time to brew

Sit back and watch the shades turn deep

Give space for incubation

Your precious Rosie Lee must steep

Have faith in your creation!

Full trust, for it will not escape

The ritual needs your patience

As you relax, it will take shape

A win-win situation

and when you set your cuppa free

Let go of who’ll embrace it

We’re not the whole world’s cup of tea

Approval – do not chase it

We have to let our projects brew

Then they will surely nourish

There is no need to fret or stew

What’s meant to be will flourish!

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