Familiar Faces

As Andy and I walked out for an early morning pavement pounding session, it suddenly dawned on me that Fasnacht, (Swiss Carnival) would normally be taking place around this time. Although this annual festival is not my cup of tea, it is enormously popular over here and the locals put their all into the floats and costumes.

Whilst the usual puppets have been placed upon lamp posts, you can really feel the lack of festive build up that normally happens around this time.

We are being called to celebrate so differently at the moment and, as always, there is a gift even in that!

Solitary Processions

As I jog round the Sunday streets

The Fasnacht faces glare

These days we march to different beats

No street parades to share

The piccolos, where did they go?

Their silence ever shriller

The grimaced faces seem to know

Like something out of Thriller!

The only drumming is my feet

Upon the pavements bare

As I jog round the Sunday streets

The Fasnacht faces glare


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