Can’t buy me Love

If there is one thing that these crazy times of the pandemic have taught me it is: Simplicity. I realise that I do not need half of the possessions, arrangements or information that I previously thought were necessary and in fact, I’m happier this way.

Some of the most joyful moments over the recent months have been when I have simply looked at and appreciated what I do have. Most days I have walked a similar path through the hills and yet observed something uniquely beautiful about the experience. Each time I open up to nature’s signs, my heart space is more receptive to a blissful feeling of love.

We are so blessed to be alive and we always have the choice to see the gifts. And true contentment really can be found in the slowing down and noticing.

What are you appreciating at the moment?

The Real Deal

We think we need so many things,

The jet setting, the diamond rings,

The fancy cars, the latest toys

But all they are is background noise

We think life’s full when we’re go-getters

Yet bigger is not always better

The gifts are here, found in today

In subtleties along the way

It’s not about the likes or boasts

We’re here to simply make the most

Each act of love attracts more back

Do you see what you have or lack?

There’s beauty in the smallest things

It’s in the wonder, you’ll find wings

9 thoughts on “Can’t buy me Love

  1. I have been feeling similar sensations lately, so much so, that I want to blitz my house and my life to simplify everything. I have always been a hoarder (you never know when something will come in handy) but this is about to change!

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  2. Oh this is so very true and my husband and I have always lived a relatively simple life but even more so now. I honestly believe a lot of people do. Great poem really puts things in perspective. Love to you and your family. 🤗❤️Joni

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