Free Me

I wrote today’s poem in summer and often find myself going back to it because it still really resonates. These last two years have taught me that I do not have to box myself in by defining myself in any given way. We are so many things and what an amazing opportunity this life is to express those different energies in!


As a child, I often got told

“You are wise beyond your years”

“You are an old head on young shoulders”

“People bend your ears”

(My name, Samantha, is Aramaic for “Listener” it even turns out)

As an adult, people tell me

“You’re a big kid at heart”

“You’ll never grow up”

“You inspire me to connect to my inner child”

and my playful creativity allows me to deal with all manner of challenges

We are wise and childlike, deep and light and so much more

We are whatever we allow ourselves to be at any given moment

When I express the colourful pallet of energy that resides within

I feel awake and alive and

I attract what I most need from the outside world

Here’s to the liberation that comes with

Full Permission

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