Self Health

Although we crave connection and recognition from others, the most consistent relationship that we have on our lives is with ourselves. The way we talk to, hold and meet ourselves impacts everyone else that we interact with. When we consciously choose to treat ourselves lovingly, our energy projects this and we receive more love. How are you treating yourself recently?

If you would like to explore self-love in an online coaching session, email me to book a session.


It’s how I meet myself that counts, no matter what ensues

It’s how I meet the fears and doubts that helps me to get through

I have a choice to use the voice inside to lift me higher

Self-compassion’s poise destroys the gremlins that conspire

It’s really only how we view ourselves that shapes our day

To show up fully in self-love for me’s the only way

Our fuck ups are a part of life, and soon forgotten news

It’s how we meet ourselves that counts, no matter what ensues

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