Choosing Moving

On New Year’s Eve any much loved tribe mate, Katie Lancaster, sent a forwarded video, featured below my poem. My usual response to forwarded messages is to skim over them, but this one felt different. As I watched this astoundingly beautiful video it was as if everything that I am about and what I believe we are all about actually, became clear. So my word for 2021 is: Movement. We are here to move and be moved. The rest is detail.

What is your word for 2021?

Moving Me

Moving’s what I’m here to do

To open up, to share

Allowing life to pass on through

Express whatever’s there

Moving’s who I’m meant to be

I set the wheels in motion

To feel the feels comes easily

I’m here to free emotion

Moving’s who I always was

Although some did not get it

I could not trade this mission off

The raw, you can’t offset it!

There’s something always moving you

Your heart is so aware

Moving’s what we’re here to do

To open up, to share

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