Disconnect to Reconnect

Just before Christmas Andy and I ventured to Decathlon to purchase some highly romantic joint account Christmas gives of an outdoorsy nature! On returning home I was removing the labels from my new garments to find that my glittery new sports bra had a hidden message saying “Disconnect to Reconnect”. I love the fact that Decathlon has gone all deep and meaningful and this phrase resonated so much that, on seeing it again when my sports bra emerged from the wash, I simply had to write about it!

Support Bra

Disconnect to reconnect

Switch off and find your centre

When you choose downtime to respect

You are your own self-mentor

Disconnect to reconnect

The messages can wait now

This is the moment to deflect

Distractions just post-date now

Disconnect to reconnect

The message lies within you

Strength comes to those who introspect

Soul wisdom’s in your sinews

When I found you did not expect

these words but how they thrilled me

I’ll disconnect to reconnect

and let calm headspace fill me

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