Cramping your Style!

Periods seem to get worse as I get older and there have been some rough migraine and intense cramping experiences in recent years. As with everything in life though, we can create from our experiences and the process seems to make it easier to see the lighter side!

Menstrual Melodrama

There’s nothing that can seem to calm ya

When you’re in menstrual melodrama

The fevered brow, the painful cramps

The ants that you have in your pants

Your pimples bloom and your boobs swell

It’s nothing short of hormone hell!

The tears are close, your fuse is short

You eat the stuff you didn’t ought

Your sleep is rough, you get migraines

No man could understand the pain

If you escape this, you’re in luck

Hot water bottles – well, thank fuck!

and yet I’m grateful none the less

for monthly signs of womanliness

It goes away, it doesn’t harm ya

An ode to menstrual melodrama!

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