Eye to Eye

When we let go of comparison and conformity and strip back to who we are beneath all of those layers we truly begin to see ourselves. On returning back from my first inner leadership retreat last year, looking in the mirror and having the unique of being able to look deeply into my soul. So much had shifted in that week and it was as if a deeper seeing of myself could take place as a result.


I am not your achievements

I am not your credentials

I am not your bereavements

I’m not your untapped potential

I am not their projections

I an not your monthly earnings

I am not your rejections

(Though this takes some unlearning)

I am not the things you own

I am not your ego mind

I am not an entire tome

of future and of foregone times

I am a burning spark of truth

on earth to sense and feel

What you can see, resides in you

Emotions are what’s real

I am the Freedom to exist

without the countless labels

The you when you do not resist

The cards laid on your table

You’ll find me when you can’t take no more

I’ll prop you up and breathe you

I am your Spirit, wise and pure

And I, will never leave you

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