Slow Lane Gain

Migena Gjerazi and I were incredibly honoured to have certified executive coach, trainer and facilitator Terri Creeden speaking to Slowing Down on this week’s 16th episode of the Untaming Femininity Podcast.

I first met Terri a few years ago when I attended an inspiring Brené Brown workshop that she was facilitating and was immediately struck by her calm, clear and centred presence.

Tune in to hear Terri sharing her grounded and empowering insights into how we can live with a greater sense of ease, purpose and deep connection to ourselves and those around us.

Slow Up

Snail’s pace wins the race 

Go slowly and you’ll prosper

When you charge round at breakneck pace 

Some grey hairs it will cost ya!

Go one gear down and coast along 

And let them feel they’re winning 

Take in the view and slide anon 

Inside it’s you who’s grinning!

They’ll marvel at your silver trace 

They thought that they had lost ya

But snail’s pace, it wins the race 

And now it’s you who prospers!


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