Chilled Hills

As the weather starts to turn wintery, I am still holding onto the mild magnificence if recent weeks. The hills have seemed to vibrate in harmony and it has been pure joy to go walking in my lunch break. So I am rounding up this week’s poetic offering with another poetic piece from the great outdoors!

Harmonious Hiatus

The sunlight shed upon the hills

enhances autumn’s easel

Our beauty can crack through at will

oft from our life’s upheaval

The echoed calls of wild bird falls

upon the fir-capped rising

In presence we can have it all

What’s simple’s most surprising

There’s nothing on my mind as such

I’m listening and allowing

A gentle touch, can change so much

Our stillness is endowing

These moments when I am fulfilled

invite my soul to settle

as I head home from sun-lit hills

It’s time to boil the kettle….

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