Universal Reversal

Yesterday was an extremely significant day for me. I received such powerful validation that it touched my soul on a profound level. I feel truly seen and so incredibly grateful for this.

Nearly two years before on almost exactly the same date, I received news that crushed my soul and took a tremendous amount of energy to bounce back from.

The universe works in mysterious ways and I know on a cellular level that both of these moments were meant to happen. My resilience was being tested and yesterday I could almost hear the universe smiling and saying “See”.


There is a wide, galactic place 

In my star-spangled heart

I feel the Light of karmic fate

illuminate my path 

I feel so seen, joy’s tambourine 

begins to leap and jingle 

I’m not the traumas I have seen 

I’m pure excitement’s tingles 

Can feel the awe, for I’ve been raw, 

rejected and still risen 

Two years ago I scraped the floor 

but I broke from my prison 

Resilience helps me embrace 

The dark and dusty parts 

Tonight they melt into the grace 

Of my star-spangled heart

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