All-there-is-is-This, Bliss!☀️

Yesterday was a gloriously sunny late November day and I decided to sneak out for a cheeky stroll after lunch. Nobody was around and the atmosphere in the forest was one of incredible beauty. As I walked and admired the luminous landscape I felt a deep sense of gratitude and bliss. When these moments arrive, we have to seize them!

Golden Gift

This late Fall day is glorious

Rock on, you drunken sun

The sense of joy’s victorious

I’m blissful and at one

The starfish rays of brilliance

Pierce through the forest’s crown

Abundant thoughts in millions

Into my chest beam down

Sovereignty releases us

Our Light, we must impart

The treasures found in peacefulness

Pervade my grateful heart

Life must not be laborious

There’s nothing to be won

I celebrate the glorious

Drunk on the late Fall sun

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