Hearty Party

This year I have experienced my heart expanding. It is literally a physical sensation of opening any being able to allow more to come in and more to radiate outwards. Sometimes I don’t know quite what to do with this feeling and so writing about it helps me to process and give it some colour and form. What are you currently experiencing in your physical body?

Fine Tuning

There is a gigantic galaxy inside my chest

A neon-pink explosion of shooting stars and magic dust that can leave my thinking

somewhat dizzy.

There is a poignancy,

A jubilation

And a readiness

I have long since surrendered any need to make cerebral sense of such an occurrence

For the heart knows better

And who am I to argue?

Some days I ache like a weary violin

tired of sounding out such painful beauty

On other days I pulsate with pleasure, elevated by a frequency that

let’s in so much more.

My soul knows this is all part of my mission

and intensity is

who I am

for goodness sake.

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