Staying True

We all have a deep need to be seen, heard, felt, loved and understood. If we are met instead with contempt, criticism or judgment, our sense of belonging is rocked and we may start to recoil and feel threatened. Yet even when people use their words to label and limit us we do indeed still have a choice. We do not have to take on their words. We can choose to wear them or not. It is not other people that get to dictate our Truth, unless we let them. When we stay connected to who we know we are deep down, sticks and stones will break our bones, but words will never hurt us.

Duck’s Back 

You do not have to wear their words 

You’re not the names they called you 

You aren’t the judgments that you heard

Don’t let their bullshit fool you 

The box they try to put you in 

The words they choose to frame you 

Don’t take them on, don’t let them win 

For who are ‘they’ to shame you? 

You are how you so choose to be 

No one dictates your story

Some people just refuse to see 

(through jealousy) your glory 

Just when you feel your truth’s been slurred 

Rise up, for they’ve not met you

You are not someone else’s words 

Fuck them, if they don’t get you 

Tune into the Untaming Femininity podcast to hear Migena Gjerazi Coaching&Leadership and I talking to the delightful Sharon Wright on the topic of owning your voice and Free Expression :

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