Rock On

Yesterday morning was a grey, rainy start and I was not feeling greatly inspired to get out for my morning jog. The weather was reflecting how I felt inside and I needed to shift my energy. Suddenly I happened to look down and spied a Happy Rock on my path. A large rock with two wild horses framed in a heart was staring back at me invitingly. This rock seemed made my day and reminded me of the many signs the universe is constantly sending us if we only just take the time to look.

Happiness Rocks

I came across a Happy Rock

Upon my jogging trail

Pure joyfulness became unlocked

My heart cried : You have mail

The wild horse pair at me did stare

From heart framed stone beneath me

Reminding me in love to dare

This ransom share released me

Each time I open to the signs

The universe unblocks

This moment made my day sublime

Why thank you, Happy Rock!

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