One of my oldest and dearest friends has recently taken to calling me Samino! As well as finding my new pseudonym highly amusing, I get where he is coming from. I do see my life as a journey of discovery and I am learning new things about who I am at my core on a daily basis. Connection to spirit is so vital to me and in the last year I have been learning more about this connection through connecting more consciously with Shakti energy which is an incredible gateway I have to say!


You help me to see the ecstasy in the swallows as they disseminate into the effortless sky

You help me to feel the seductive crunch of aged acorn shell beneath my soulful receptors

You help me to hear the tempting trickle of the autumnal rain drops as they shimmy between tactile trunks

A primitive connection to the spirit of sisterhood

You and your pure, natural, fertile lack of pretence

You bubble and squeak through my aura in grounded flirtation

Moving and breathing through me with the lightness of a Springtime crush

Fabulous and featherlike

Powerfully juicy

I want every woman in my life

to know you

Tune into our latest podcast on Everyday Spirituality with the amazing Spiritual Warrior, Janet Corvino.

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