Relight my Fi-re!

Dearest Fervent Females who read my poetry blog,

Migena Gjerazi and I are burning to tell you about a second opportunity to un-tame those flames in our Ignite Your Creative Fire Workshop 2 back by popular request this Monday 12th October from 17.00 – 20.00 CEST!  The normal ticket price is 77 Euros and if you bring a friend we have a sizzling special offer in which you can both come for 120 Euros! If you want to find out some of the fiery feedback from our first workshop, scroll down to the bottom of this email and read more on the invite page on Facebook.

Here are sign up and event details :

🔥Do you have a passion that burns inside and is dying to come out and be expressed?
🔥Does your wild side want to come out and play?
🔥Is your body calling you to find its unique movement?
🔥Do you truly desire to ignite your creative fire?
🔥Are you longing to connect with your free feminine self?
🔥In our multi-sensory workshop, we will explore the transformative impact of FULL PERMISSION!

“I truly wasn’t sure what to expect of Sam & Migena’s “Ignite Your Creative Fire” workshop. In truth, I joined because I love and admire Sam’s way of being in the world and I love learning from people I admire.
Sam and Migena managed to create a safe yet brave space for exploring our lives, how we might be shut down and have limiting beliefs, and finding words and movement to express what is yearning to come out of us.

Having had multiple losses in my life in recent years I was a tad nervous about being “expected to bounce out in creative and fiery joy”, but MY version of my female fire, MY healing fire, MY flames for living with loss, were tended, explored and welcomed whole-heartedly.
There is music and dancing and poetry and meditation, alongside much sharing and encouragement. A worthy three hours.”

E.P., England

Limited places – Follow your Desire – Ignite that Creative Fire!


Sam Allen and Migena Gjerazi

🎧 Tune in to our hot-off-the-press weekly “Untaming Femininity Podcast” to get a feel for who we are and what is important to us about Untaming Femininity :

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