Melting In

I am currently participating in another embodiment group, this time on the theme of “Sensual Woman” oh la la! In one of our recent videos, Jessica Basken aka Rivermoon (our fabulous leader) took us through a guided practise in which we were to smell, hear, feel, be with a piece of chocolate – opening all of our senses until we finally got to taste it. The teasing made for a very sensual experience as captured in the lines below!


You melt beneath soft fingers

Sliding around defencelessly

My hungry ears receiving your molten sound

Softening and oozing onto my longing lips

Seducing me into the full surrender of my senses

Gliding and tracing

Inviting and retracting

Sexy circles of sweet cocoa mercilessly luring me into

No Return

You make me want you so passionately

That all I can do is submit to your smooth strokes

that send satin ripples through my rocking pelvis

I am a slave to your slow swirls

A martyr to the mystery of your moreish magnetism

Until the moment that we finally melt into each other’s softness

and the separation is just an illusion

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7 thoughts on “Melting In

  1. Becoming one with the chocolate, what an exquisitely sensual experience. I had a few squares of good chocolate last night and I can vouch, your poem is spot-on. 🙂


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