Many Miles

Andy and I have walked a fair few kilometres together in the time in the twelve years that we have known each other. In fact we do our best talking when we are out in the great outdoors walking the day away. It is almost as if each step taken together helps us to realign and I am so grateful for my companion on this road called life.


The miles that you’ve walked by side

The times that we’ve both witnessed

We find our rhythm with each stride

I’m blessed to have you in this

Still with me when our dreams divert

Drift back with each step taken

You’ve walked with me through loss and hurt

My rock when I feel shaken

My family, my sense of place

My home and my companion

Sometimes we can’t align our pace

But you’re my deep Grand Canyon

I’m grateful for the landscapes wide

The skies that we’ve both weathered

It’s when we walk, that you confide

We see so much together

When you are strolling by my side

I could walk on forever

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