Light Relief

Whilst walking in the mid afternoon sunshine yesterday I felt bright and grateful and the lightness outside connected me to my Light within. I had this overriding sense that there is nothing that can negate that Light if ours when we fully embody it. Who are you when you stand in your Light?

Light Up

No one can dim the light inside

nor dull its bright diffusion

No one can close what’s open wide

If Self-Love’s what you’re choosing

There’s no one that can make you shrink

Or make your worth diminish

For you are not what others think

Their judgment’s not your business

You are the power of your heart

Unique divine soul mission

No one can break your world apart

Or steal your inner vision

Full radiant lucidity cannot be penetrated

Your Light is your humility, it’s presence long awaited

So stand in it with full on pride

Shine through fear and confusion

You are the Light that shines inside

You are its pure diffusion

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