I never want to lose the sense of wonderment that I have about life. It is a childlike excitement that allows me to see new scenery and watch the changing of the seasons with new eyes. When we stay curious, we stay open to the divine gifts around us and this appreciation can keep our cup filled even through times of great challenge. I have to say thanks again to my dear Dad for leading by example here!

Awe Calling

This life is an infinite mystery

There are not set rules to the game

And when we break free from our history

We can see no two days are the same

I’m so grateful for what nature gives to me

I’m so thankful that Leadership came

I enjoy all the passion that lives in me

I’ve let go of the fear and the shame

Let’s be open to what the new twists may be

For its awe that draws moths to the flame

This life is an infinite mystery

With each breath comes the chance to reframe

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