Tough Treks

On our longest day of hiking we clocked up 30 kilometres which was not bad going giving the unseasonably high temperatures. Our final destination was a quirky commuter hotel in Oberriet where the check in was manual and there was not an awful lot going on. It’s these quirky little adventures that we love the best and this poem captures the highlights of the day!

To Oberriet

We set out at the crack of dawn

Before the sun had risen

Our blistered feet already worn

Plod on was our new rhythm

Cool mountain air, we had our share

We made the most both knowing

As soon as nine o’clock was there

The fierce rays would start showing

Although the paths were not too steep

We clocked up steps galore

Towards the end we both dug deep

Did 25 and more!

The cute white goats, the paths remote

The river fresh, the horses

Just highlights that would help denote

One of our longer courses

And now we shall put up our feet

Both of us somewhat jaded

Not much to do in Oberriet

But we’re so glad we made it!

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