Gorgeous Gems

There are some places that you visit that leave a breathtaking imprint on the heart and soul. The Oeschinensee was one of those gems. The Saturday before our recent walking trip we decided to warm up by hiking up a mountain to visit this incredible lake. It turned out that we had unwittingly taken a step off-road precarious route to our destination but the upon our arrival we knew that the uphill slog had all been worth the while!

Lake Peace

Immersed in the Oeschinensee

Two feet, glass-blue perfection

I feel in awe to feel this day

For life I’ve deep affection

Refreshing, cold, the mountains hold

this lake with such warm reverence

On sparkled surface joy unfolds

I relish not its severance

When we let nature have its say

We’re in our pure connection

I’m blessed by the Oeschinensee

at ease in its reflection

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