Heating Up

Fire continues to be a resonant theme in my life and one which I love to explore with my female clients. I love the way that our inner fire can take so many forms. Sometimes its a gentle flicker inside and other times it is a roaring passion! When we channel our Creative Fire intentionally it is not a dangerous force but a powerful and expressive one.

Fire Fan

Sometimes a tiny spark inside

Sometimes a dancing flicker 

The fire that in us resides 

Can be our best arse-kicker!

The fire knows what we most seek 

The fire knows what feeds us

It fuels us to reach our peak

Into our Truth it leads us 

The Gremlin has no place to hide 

For fire’s force is quicker 

Flirt with the magic spark inside 

Embrace your dancing flickers!

A friendly reminder that this is the last chance to sign up for our Creative Fire Online Workshop” This transformational experience will take place via Zoom this Thursday 10th September from 17.00 – 20.00 CEST.

🔥We are currently offering a discounted ticket price of 77 Euros to all of our amazing Untamed Femininity Facebook Tribe members. We would love for you to be a part of our inspiring and supportive group of over 400 women who are already celebrating their unique femininity in all its glory! Here is where to join : 


Sign up for our workshop is via Facebook and here is the link with further details of our incandescent event. We just cannot wait to see your creative sparks fly!


Limited places – Follow your Desire – Ignite that Creative Fire!


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