Self-First Aid

In these times of great change, the new normal requires us to connect more deeply to ourselves. Never has it been more important to listen to and meet our own needs so that we can be fully present to those around us. Self-care can look a little different for us every day and we owe it to ourselves to stay tuned into what our systems are asking for. The heart, body and soul are often our most accurate compass after all. Tune into our latest podcast episode in which Liz White shares her grounded insights on Self-Care.

Self-Care Aware 

Self-care is vital to us all 

Without it we’re depleted 

The orders in this life are tall

But stress can be defeated 

And we must feed our daily needs 

With kindness and attention 

To love our own selves is not greed 

Neglect just brings more tension 

So what would boost your current mood?

What does your heart cry out for?

It might be peace or some soul food? 

It might be a real outpour?

Responding to your inner call

Can shift what seems deep-seated 

Self-care is vital to us all 

Without it we’re depleted


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