Passion Statement

🔥 Speaking from the Heart. Truth Telling. Passion. Daring. Rawness. Powerful Intuition. I am so grateful for the Creative Fire within and what it allows me to feel and express….

🔥We are all fired-up about the launch of our new, multi-sensory “Ignite your Creative Fire Online Workshop”. This transformational experience will take place via Zoom this Thursday 10th September from 17.00 – 20.00 CEST.

🔥We are currently offering a discounted ticket price of 77 Euros to all of our amazing Untamed Femininity Facebook Tribe members. We would love for you to be a part of our inspiring and supportive group of over 400 women who are already celebrating their unique femininity in all its glory! Here is where to join :

🔥Do you have a passion that burns inside and is dying to come out and be expressed?

🔥Does your wild side want to come out and play?

🔥Is your body calling you to find its unique movement?

🔥Do you truly desire to ignite your creative fire?

🔥Are you longing to connect with your free feminine self?

🔥In our multi-sensory workshop, we will explore the transformative impact of FULL PERMISSION!

Sign up for our workshop is via Facebook and here is the link with further details of our incandescent event. We just cannot wait to see your creative sparks fly!

Limited spots available – Follow your Desire – Ignite that Creative Fire!


Sam Allen and Migena Gjerazi

WhatsApp for further details : 0041762537140

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