Keyed Up

When I was doing my coaching training a few years ago we spent a lot of time exploring emotional range and how this could serve our clients. This range was likened to a piano keyboard and we learned about the importance of being able to span the whole scale. Yesterday I caught myself playing an imaginary piano with my fingers in between coaching sessions and realised that it was my body telling me that it wanted to express more of its notes. Which part of your unique melody wants to be played out more fully?

Star-struck Symphony

My open hands run up the keys

They set the whole range of me free

From minor tones into the major

They help my soul’s song to uncage her

In full permission I can’t fail

I play out freely on my scale

They may be shaken, maybe stirred

For so much of my heart is heard

What notes come next, no one can tell

I will not keep my song withheld

For I know that I’m born to strike

a chord that no one else sounds like

We are unique and haunting tunes

That wax and wane like mystic moons

Enjoy as you span your wild keys

You one-off, star-struck symphony

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