Self-Love Shenanigans

Yesterday I cleared some space in my day and spent the morning honouring Self-Love. Interestingly, even as I write this I feel some assumed judgment coming forth (who does she think she is spending a Monday morning focussing on herself?) and wow was it time well spent. I didn’t do anything revolutionary but instead slowed down, went for longer run, took time to practise my guitar, massaged some lovely body lotion into my skin free showering and allowed myself to write even more than usual. As I say on Dad’s memorial bench drinking a cuppa in his honour, I felt him looking down and nodding in approval of a morning well spent!

Pro Creation

Create some space for poetry within your busy day

is what your voice calls me to do each time I feel dismayed

It’s all out there for us to share, stay open to the wonder

We’re here to become more aware, to see the gift in thunder

Create some room away from Zoom to sit with me, admiring

Get drunk on petrichor’s perfume, wildlife is so inspiring

Jot down the tales of nightingales that linger on grooved ridges

Your worries very soon shall pale, observing life builds bridges

I’m here though I seem far away, let your words have their say

Create some poetry for me, bring colour to the day

12 thoughts on “Self-Love Shenanigans

  1. I love how you spent your self-time. We all need a place to indulge and replenish ourselves. I loved “petrichor’s perfume.” I only learned what petrichor is a couple years ago, hubby was fascinated by it on his word-a-day vocabulary lesson and shared it. Keep up the good work, Sam. 🙂 I’ll see you tomorrow.

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