Eternal Journey

When we fixate upon the end destination we end up living for an imagined reality and miss out on all that can be experienced along the way. Of course it is healthy to set goals and also to realise that once we have achieved them, new ones will naturally manifest within us. We never really get ‘there’ as ‘there’ keeps changing and it is in the ‘here’ where we truly belong and exactly where we are meant to be. How is your current path? What are you curious about?


I’m getting there, I’m on my way

I’m in the right direction

I’m making progress every day

It took some introspection

Some days I slip and there are dips

on others I am gleaming

I’m savouring the every sip

I’m visioning, I’m dreaming

The destination’s miles away

The travel is the glory

I’m more and more myself each day

Designing my own story


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