Random Ramblings

My poetic prompt came in an unusual form yesterday as I spied a bracelet in a blackberry bush! This unusual sighting was the catalyst to a new layer of awareness that wanted to come through in words and so quickly became a poem! Literally anything can inspire me to write if I listen closely to its message!

Unexpected Discoveries

A bracelet in a blackberry tree is not a usual sighting

It’s garish glimmer telling me to follow what’s exciting

These thoughts of mine can dull or shine my day as I so choose them

In nature precious gems I find and in my life I use them

We’re soul and bone, not set in stone, not yet the finished version

We are not meant to gleam alone here’s to our wild immersion

I’ll let go of chronology and summon what’s inviting

as modelled by the blackberry tree and random bracelet sighting!

11 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  1. Interesting, the combo of nature’s bling and manmade bling. The bracelet is sparkly and enticing, but I would pick the blackberry every time. I guess what’s exciting depends on the person. 🙂

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