Love is like a Butterfly

Some of the most beautiful experiences in our life are intense yet fleeting and seem to fly away almost as soon as they have landed. Today’s poem is about appreciating passing beauty for what it is, just as we do when we catch a glimpse of a butterfly. In fact butterflies are a big sign of synchronicity in my life at the moment. When ever I see a peacock butterfly in particular, I know I’m on the right path! What are the signs being sent your way?

Passing Beauty

True beauty is special and fleeting

It comes into our lives unannounced

Like the wings of ephemeral greetings

It takes flight in the moment we pounce

For we are not predestined to own it

though the flutters inside they may grow

When you’re fast or too clumsy, you’ve blown it

It’s a lesson in love-and-let-go

The excitement can send our hearts beating

Though it goes not long after arrived

True beauty is special and fleeting

When I glimpse it I feel so alive!

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