New Waves

During one of our paddle boarding experiences last week, it was a little windy and this created a dramatic feeling. As I peered over the board, lots of feelings came to me and so I began writing a poem in my head and typed it up on exiting the water whilst Android deflated our boards. I always find a way to squeeze poetry writing into the day’s events! 🙂

Lake Dynamics

The lake shook like strobe lighting beneath the billowing breeze

It was not a violent wind as such, but the optical illusion created was enough to tip our balance upon ascending our boards

As we were sucked towards the centre I suddenly felt the sense of being adrift

being exposed

being vulnerable

(and my mind does love to dramatise, let’s face it!)

Fortunately Mr Rationality kept us focussed on the concrete :

Paddle close to the reeds

Practise your turns

Hold the oar lower down

(Sometimes the imperative form has its uses)

It’s at times like these that I realise the inseparable nature of

chalk and cheese

when it comes to

lake dynamics

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