Heed your Needs

It is imperative that we respond to our own needs before we can even begin to help anyone else. When we meet our own physical, emotional and spiritual needs, we have far more to give to others and this is reflected back to us in their response to us. Part of looking after ourselves involves connecting to the voice inside and I find that journaling helps me to hear and express that voice more clearly. How do you honour your needs?

Inside Out

We have to be there for ourselves

and treat ourselves with kindness

For us to give to someone else

Self-love must start inside us

We cannot give what we donโ€™t live

No gain in self-berating

Letโ€™s not wait for the whens and ifs

Self-love needs propagating

What would it look like for today

If your own needs were honoured?

What would the voice of self-love say

if it shone down upon us?

It is a precious place to delve

Letโ€™s feed on our own rations

and really be there for ourselves

All-in, true self-compassion

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