Strung Out

On Sunday, whilst attempting to tune my guitar, Android gently suggested that I didn’t twist too hard or the string would break. The very next second, of course, I heard a heartbreaking snap and my E string was officially a write off! Fortunately my lovely guitar teacher, Hugo, bought me a new set of strings and has put them on for me. It was more emotional than anticipated to experience my first broken string!

Broken E String

I pulled you far too tightly

You broke into my hands

I should have turned you lightly

Hindsight now understands

It is a fragile balance

For us to stay in tune

my clumsiness, no talent

but I will mend you soon

I care for you so deeply

despite my lack of tact

You play my heart so sweetly

You strike a chord : come back!

Without you, life’s unsightly

One day we’ll start a band

I pulled you far too tightly

You broke into my hands

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14 thoughts on “Strung Out

      1. It gets better! I still flinch when I tune my guitar after almost four years; those strings can whip you, to be honest. Hahaha.

        But, it gets better. Guitar is so much fun. Keep posting your progress. ❤️


      1. I had one of those today, Sam. Inspired by a recipe I found in the Food Section of the New York Times which required EXACTLY the ingredients I had laying around–leftover cold chicken, celery and freshly-squeezed juice from a lime (both languishing in the produce drawer), tahini (still hanging around from Middle Eastern carry-outs months ago), and wasabi paste (a barely-used tube in the door of the fridge). Throw in some garlic, garden herbs, sugar, and salt (always on hand) and you’ve got a meal. And a poem. 🙂

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