Naturally Resourceful

I get a sense of exhilaration each time I pass by the part of the river featured in the video below. Its power reminds me that we can flow on regardless of our challenges and connects me to my life force and adaptability. We are naturally resourceful, just like the river.


The current surges through the rocks

With powerful insistence

It knows that challenges aren’t blocks

and flows on with persistence

The sun burns through the stormy clouds

Determined to shed vision

It’s radiance full-on and proud

Casts light onto decisions!

We only can ourselves unlock

Which version will you give them?

Flow on dear river through the rocks

We are our own best wisdom

8 thoughts on “Naturally Resourceful

      1. Yes, I couldn’t agree more. Since I was a little girl I found playing in the water an amazing way to escape my tremulously childhood. I think the ocean is especially healing and for me it show the vastness of God so it is spiritual healing as well.

        Love 💕 and hugs to you and your loved ones. Joni

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