Ideas Bank

It was a poetic weekend my end as I delved back into my much loved Crafty Poet prompt book number two and experimented with some new forms. The river, as ever, was one of my main muses and I enjoyed writing this observational piece whilst looking out at the banks of the beautiful river Birs which were brimming with ideas!

No Agenda

Calm shudders emerge from the silky lake as leafy reflections rise

My mind crisscrosses up the plaited tree, grateful for the space to dream

Pushchairs push past purposefully, prising me away from peaceful pause

I pull myself back in, remembering that the key is to include it all

Soon drawn to a brave branch gliding with the current in trustful synchrony

What if we too were to let our souls be carried to the greater good?

Each seemingly little occurrence holds great wisdom when observe

The oak leaves dangle in the gentle breeze like hungover butterflies

It seems that the answers always lie in the most discrete of places

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