Girl Power

💜 Dear wonderful women who follow my blog,

I wanted to take the opportunity to share details of an empowering online women’s circle that I am co-leading with my friend and fellow Leadership Coach, Migena Gjerazi. Do spread the word and share with your network.

⧬    Are you tired of being a woman who gives up her power in order to fit in and keep the peace? 

⧬     Do you compromise your truth for fear of being labelled “too much”? Do you long to be seen and accepted for who you truly are?

⧬     Are you ready to reclaim your untamed femininity and to embrace your sensual self?

Join our Untaming Femininity Circle and discover the liberation of :

⧬ expressing femininity on your own terms

⧬ tuning in to the wisdom of your senses 

⧬ courageously communicating with your body 

⧬ opening to the power of your heart and spirit

⧬ unleash the wild goddess within

Logistics: We meet online (on Zoom) biweekly on Wednesdays starting from July 22nd to August 26th at 18:00-20:00 CEST.  

Full price: 299 Euros per person

Reduced price for students, unemployed and small business owners impacted by COVID-19: 199 Euros per person

If reading this has aroused your interest, sign up here:

Love Sam 💜

Strong-hearted Women

Strong-hearted Women
A bond that is unspoken
I put my trust into them
Lean in when I feel broken
No jealousy or bitching
We raise each other’s game
There’s no need for self-pitching
There’s no need to explain
A fellowship of feelers
A code that can’t be cracked
Support each other’s healing
With dignity and tact
One look and I feel understood
We’re not in competition
In gratitude of womanhood
Of female intuition

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