Moon Marvelling

🌙 If you too are attuned to the moon and would like to celebrate the loveliness of all things lunar via poetry, discussion and experiential activities, join me on Blissen, the online virtual sanctuary, tomorrow, Sunday 21st June, from 17.00 – 18.00 CEST for my online call using the link below (sign up is via google). Stay Wild Moon Child! 🌙

Magnetic Moon

In awe of how you radiate
I’m reduced to a star-struck state
My open chest alive and swelling
Such is your lonesome call compelling
Precious, radiant and bold
Veraciously, your light beholds
I know now that I’m not alone
As you light up the hard way home
Oh silver orb of high gracility
I gaze at you with such humility
Thankful, fortunate and moved
By all the good that shines through you
A source of constant, glowing wealth
A force much greater than myself
My quest as clear as your full gleam
Magnetic moon of glow supreme

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