Ear I Am

I often hear messages from my Dad who passed nearly five years ago now. They come in the form of sayings and short nuggets of wisdom conveyed in his gently loving voice. In fact I get a lot of downloads from the universe in auditory ways and now consider myself to be clairaudient. I am grateful for this gift and how it connects me to what’s needed to serve the higher good and decided to write about it one day!


I am an emitter of the Light

A channel for a message much higher than my earthly presence

A message which I do not yet fully understand myself

and yet know to be True with all of my Being

You cannot help but but receive it.

You feel it in the thrilling tingles of the thousand tiny stars twirling through my fingertips.

You hear it in the most precious part of your soul that twinkles

and trembles in unison

as my purple heart vibrates

with Unconditional Love

Forget everything that your Ego’s shadow once clung to through fear and conformity

This is your Freedom

Rise up, dear Dove.

Fly beyond into the Galaxy of Goodness

that uplifts our weightless souls towards The Awakening

You will feel that what is moving through me

is moving through you

and knows no bounds

It is an astronomical force

that opens hearts and pores

and heals lives

with its grounding magic

It has always been there


I am merely a magnetic melody that allows your ears to finally


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