Peacock Parables

Yesterday a peacock butterfly (yes really!) flew into my coaching room and got stuck. It kept bashing against the window desperately trying to get out. I too hurried and tried to get it out quickly and it wasn’t unti I softened my hands, reassured the little creature it would be safe and gently guided it towards the open window, that it could escape to its freedom. In such a small encounter so much wisdom came and I captured it in my little poem.

Mystic Messenger

You flew into the window frame
All fragile, red and frantic
Your powdered wings now limp and strained
From your resistant antics
I cupped my hand and helped you land
upon a place more stable
until the scent of freedom fanned
and your wings were enabled
As off you sped, my mind you led
into more transformation
To gently coax oneself instead
of forcing, frees creation
I think you knew, thatโ€™s why you came
For nature is my teacher
You flew into the window frame
Oh fleeting red winged creature

Photo :

14 thoughts on “Peacock Parables

  1. Beautiful poem and photo, I’ve never seen a butterfly like it. You’re right that pushing harder, expending more effort, is not always effective. You have to be gentle with yourself, let up a little, give your mind some time and space to wander. In that pause, the magic happens. ๐Ÿ™‚

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