Sultry Strolls

There was so much humidity in the air one day last week, that walking along the river felt like being in a jungle. I rambled on, staying curious to the overgrown wildlife and its ever insightful messages and put them into poetic form in order to process my experience. Good old poetry – where would I be without you?

Wild River

Rapeseed clouds the river air

All over-grown and yellow

There is a closeness I’m aware

whose silent presence bellows

The scent too sweet, I overheat

The birdsong swoops and teeters

We want things to be round and neat

Yet that’s not how life meets us

I choose instead to scan the beds

of tall and proud wild clover

which tells me to say grace instead

of wishing lock-down over

A snail slides past and seems to share

the message ‘slow and mellow’

Rapeseed clouds the river air

All over-grown and yellow

8 thoughts on “Sultry Strolls

  1. I love the contradiction here: “whose silent presence bellows.” Your poems have helped me to accept the mess, shortages, and disappointments of COVID 19 with gratefulness and grace. Thank you! 🙂

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