Mind the Gap

I’ve noticed that it is good to have a pause between exciting projects of any sorts. These gaps help punctuate my experiences and ensure that I just don’t go from one thing to the next without time to process and take stock. It is within these gaps that I gather energy for the next adventure.

The Gaps

The gaps between my goals and dreams

Allow me time to fathom

Sometimes I’m bursting at the seams

And need to see the chasms

Within the gaps, it’s like I tap

Into a source of being

Which helps me clear the useless crap

And makes my eyes all seeing

The gaps between my goals and dreams

Allow my soul to simmer

And flow alongside my own stream

They are a real stress strimmer

So thank you gaps, cats on our laps

The looser time spent chilling

And cheers to holes upon my map

Which I’ll resist from filling

Photo : http://www.photographytalk.com

7 thoughts on “Mind the Gap

  1. Thank you. That’s very ‘me’…I used to babble away like a frantic brook until I learned that less is sometimes more (at times!) when speaking or writing. Some people feel the need to go on and on, especially when giving examples of quotations. You are so right, Sam – read one, think and digest before quoting another. I’ve learned a lot that way.

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  2. I really like this idea. A friend in another country says it is common for kids to have a gap year after they graduate high school. This sounded to me like a luxury, something for the rich. I raced through college, and then from one job to the next, never really stopping to take stock until I retired. I see now that the gap between activities is like sleeping at night, where our brains sort and organize and store what they took in that day, except on a more existential level. Your poem sums it up well, esp the ending “which I’ll resist from filling.” 🙂

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