Zen Again

During one of the long weekends last June, I wandered down to the river Birs for an obligatory late-afternoon stroll. It was mild and raining and the wildlife was audible and rife. I sat a while and reflected by the riverbank, lulled by the hypnotic sound of raindrops falling into the river and had a very zen moment!

Zen River

River raindrops beckon

My muggy, weekend mind

More open with each second

The closeness far behind

Each bead of moisture landing

Just summer rain and me

There’s echoed understanding

It whispers through lush trees

A treat to sit in silence

Observing rainfall’s rounds

For as the circles widen

Connectedness resounds

The wrought thoughts simply perish

When I look on with thanks

This glimpse of peace I’ll cherish

Beside the zen Birs banks

Photo : https://naturesoundspa.com/blog/soothing-rain-sounds-to-relax-your-mind

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