The Wheel Deal

Last Friday I posted, as usual, my video prompt in my Creative Heart WhatsApp group and very much looked forward to seeing what my lovely group would create. The prompt was “On your bike” and showed a little clip of Andy leaving the house on his bike of course! Thirty minutes after posting I took a stroll in the hills and came across this random dirt bike in the middle of nowhere! I wrote about it immediately and the rest of the day seemed to become full of similar synchronicities, making two wheels travel and the associate freedom the theme of the day!

Number 9

She used to ride the number 9

In sunshine, rain and sleet

She lost all sense of space and time

Upon that bright red seat

Her face was pale but on that trail

She came alive with colour

They tried in vain, to no avail,

No one could ever dull her

For riding gave her time to feel

Escape from boring duties

The freedom squealed from her two wheels

She was a fast, wild beauty

Although she’s now in later years

One thing she still embraces

and as I see her traces here

I sense the joy she chases

For she’s not one to tow the line

She drums to her own beat

She used to ride the number 9

Free will upon red seat

7 thoughts on “The Wheel Deal

  1. Oh, I must share this with my cycling buddies! We are all past our prime but still riding…not 9 but 29ers. Your poem made me giggle with girlish delight. Thanks to JustJoan for sharing this with me!

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