Daisy Days

Like it or not we suffer knocks and setbacks throughout our lives and in many ways these times make us stronger. It is almost as if the child inside gets a little broken along the way though and it can be good to touch base with our inner child from time to time. The following poem was created from a memory I recalled of myself as a ten year old in a coaching session and is a reminder to nurture my inner child.

Child Speech

Come twirl with me in daisy fields!

Look high into the hopeful sky

Why hide that little light you wield?

Come lose yourself with me a while!

I once was not a broken child

My wild locks tumbled girlishly

Not stunted by your adult style

My spirit shone imperviously

Yes me, Titania, Fairy Queen

And Gabriel of golden locks

Unhindered, curious and green

My confidence was not yet knocked

Don’t block that heather heart of mine

That blooms in wild and wayward ways

Let me flow through like summer wine

My innocence still speaks to you

Beneath the grown up voice that shields

There’s so much to look forward to

Come twirl with me in daisy fields

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