Forest Bathing

The gift of having recently strained by back whilst attempting to stand up after a picnic lunch (don’t ask!) is that I am walking more. Yesterday, before the working day started, Andy and I ventured into the hills where the air was so beautiful and clear and the bird song was in full swing and I felt a sense of being cleansed by nature.


I am reborn in the

clear-glass call of each

Spring morning

Polished by the cleansing chirp of the dawn chorus

that smiles through the fresh forest’s teeth

It would indeed take a hard heart to resist

the rejuvenating reverberations of this morning’s energy…

as it streams through the soul

in earthy echoes

and whispering mirth

Just moment ago a brave deer leapt across my path as if there were

no cares in the world

and it spoke to how I’m feeling

in ways my voice could not possibly


6 thoughts on “Forest Bathing

  1. I love the little stutters of alliteration–cleansing chirp, fresh forest, hard heart, rejuvenating reverberations, earthy echoes. In light of Coronavirus restrictions and the back strain, your feelings finding voice in a deer that runs across your path “without a care in the world” is pretty amazing. Hope your back irons itself out. 🙂

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