Appreciation Inhalation

When we are deprived of our usual habits and securities it feels to me like we are more present than ever. I have experienced a new level of love and gratitude in recent weeks and, amidst frightening times, feel deeply connected to the beauty of life. I realise that I am fortunate to still be able to get out into nature here in Switzerland and am making the most of this privilege several times a day. Yesterday I walked out after lunch and as I gazed at the splendidly sunny sky, I felt overcome with appreciation and wrote the following lines.


This world is innately beautiful

when we do not sully it by



brash discarding


selfish regard

As I walk the tuneful trail through

birded forest and

fresh farm

I am calmed by an overwhelming sense of


There is nothing more that I need

than the beaming blue of this

very breath

and the words that capture my


11 thoughts on “Appreciation Inhalation

  1. You’re right, Sam, when everything is in flux, nothing is certain, we turn to the things that ground us. Nature is, paradoxically, always changing and always the same. I walk my dog every day, finding joy in the greening grass, blooming daffodils and hyacinths, the warmth of the sun’s rays. We encounter skateboarders, gardeners, people waving from porches… 🙂

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