Bay Watch

Bay Watch

Prior to one of the inner leadership retreats that I attended, Android and I enjoyed five days by the sea in Sitges. It was a really relaxing break and we were fortunate to be located near to a locals beach which was practically deserted one morning due to an imminent storm. In the prelude to the heavens opening, we took refuge in the crook of the bay and I penned the following lines.

New Waves

The waves expand like giant hands

that gesture me to open

They spread across the burnt-brown sand

and chant, you’re here, you’re coping

My thoughts drift out, it’s all about

the sounds of intuition

Do more of what feels good, no doubt

the sea’s wise to my mission

I feel attuned, it’s opportune

The sun should hide this morning

We’re sheltered in the bay’s half moon

More gratitude is dawning

For sure the ocean understands

I feel into it’s lessons

The waves expand like giant hands

Their power fills my presence

15 thoughts on “Bay Watch

  1. Lovely rhyme scheme, Sam, I loved the little rhymes embedded in the individual lines, too. I live near the water now (a lake close enough to walk to) and find the lapping of the waves both powerful and peaceful. This poem makes me want to listen more closely to whatever they’re trying to tell me. 🙂

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